Ryotherapy was first evaluated for psoriasis in 1987 by scoggings who reported a response rate of 67-80 percent in 35 patients [6]. Later nouri et al. Treated nine patients with clinically diagnosed small-plaque psoriasis (plaque sizes 1-5 cm diameter) and obtained complete resolution in five patients (56 %), substantial resolution in two patients (2 %) mild resolution in one patient, and no resolution in the remaining patient [7]. Our patients had an improvement rate lower than those of scoggings and nouri [7, 8, 9]. viagra effects after ejaculation In a study by abd el aziz on 50 patients with psoriasis, the response-no-response ratio was 6:1, far better than our patients [2]. Longer disease history and larger plaques were more often associated with a good response than better than shorter duration disease and smaller plaques. buy generic viagra online usa pharmacy It seems likely that cryotherapy mediates mild resolution of plaques by inducing normal re-epithelization following the physical destruction of the lesions due to reverse koebner phenomenon [10]. Our findings suggest that cryotherapy is safe to use in the treatment of small-plaque psoriasis but that its efficacy is limited. References 1. cheap viagra uk delivery Mark g lebwohl. Psoriasis inverse psoriasis. Mark g lebwohl warren r heymann john bert-jones and ian coulson. Treatment of skin disease mosby harcourt publishers limited 2002 533-540. 2. Abd el aziz el-taweel,m. much does viagra cost yahoo answers D; mohamed kotb, m. D ahmed abd el wahab,m. cheap generic viagra D; adel kamal, m. D. Adel ali a;li m. D. Cryotherapy in psoriasis. The gulf journal of dermatology vol 6 num 2 1999:46-8. 3. Chapin, m. E. ; burkes, e. generic viagra online L, and hill, c. (1973): cryosurgery of oral white lesion. J. Natural viagra nz Oral. Surg. , 31:584-591. 4. Bassionny. Dangers of buying viagra online A. viagra online ; el-meshad, m; talaat, m. ; kutty. K. And metwaa, b. (1982): cryosurgery in cutaneous leishmaniasis. Br. J. buy female viagra uk online Dermatol. , 107:467-474. 5. Hansen. J. E. cheap generic viagra (1971): cryosurgery therapy of benign lesions of the skin and mucous membrane. Int. Surg. 56:402-406. 6. much does viagra cost yahoo answers Fry, l. (1988): psoriasis. Br. J. Viagra 10 mg bayer preisvergleich Dermatol. howtosmudge.com/pjn-cheap-generic-viagra-online-bn/ 119:445-461. 7. Scoggings, r. can buy viagra toronto B. cheap generic viagra (1987): cryotherapy for psoriasis. Br. much does viagra cost yahoo answers J. crestor viagra drug interactions Dermatol. cheap generic viagra from canada , 97:297. 8. viagra without a doctor prescription Nouri, k. ; chartier, t. ; eaglstein, w. H. And taylor, t. R. (1997): cryortherapy for psoriasis arch. best online pharmacy for generic viagra Dermatol. , 133: 1608-16.
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